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Le verdure dello chef
  Industrial Plant :
S.P. 109 Loc. Borgo Giardinetto
71027 Orsara di Puglia (FG)

Tel/Fax +39 0881977511

  Farris s.r.l. produces Dehydrated, semi-dry and dry-freeze vegetables for all foodstuff industry.
The Company is new and dynamic and its production is in Apulia, more exactly in the province of Foggia, a territory which is on the European top of fresh vegetable production. continue

  Dehydrated courgette
Semidry courgette

    Dehydrated Broccolo

  Dehydrated diced aubergine
Semidry diced aubergine
  Semidry artichoke

  Semidry cherry tomato
Dry freeze cherry tomato
  Semidry pepper
  Dehydrated sliced round tomato
Semidry round tomato
Dry freeze round tomato
Dehydrated sliced long tomato
Semidry long tomato
Dry freeze long tomato
  Dehydrated asparagus tips
Asparagus flour
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